Do Carb Blockers Work?

So you’re wondering, do carb blockers work? Question is, have you even thought about the difference between the carb blockers made by pharmaceutical drug companies and the natural carb blockers not made by drug companies, which contain only natural ingredients?

Most people who get to be overweight and then decide it’s time to get back to a normal weight are usually somewhat health conscious and so thinking twice about taking a dangerous drug is critical to your dieting success and health.

You have a choice between natural carb blockers and those made from synthetic drugs

The first question then is, how dangerous are these drugs and do they work better than the natural products?

When you learn what a health risk these drugs create you might not care if they perform any better or not, but let’s have a look at both of these questions.

In the 1980′s when carb blockers were introduced, several products from pharmaceutical companies were legally forced off the market because they were ineffective. If that wasn’t bad enough, people complained about their side effects; gas, bloating, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Recently similar reports have been made on some carb blocker products and you know what the manufacturers response was? The side effects are a sign that the pills are working! Great.

Even if you decide to chance it, how long are you prepared to take these drugs in the pursuit of losing a few pounds? Because the day you stop taking them is the day the weight comes right back. Even worse, most people will gain more weight than they had before due to the negative effects the drugs have on the body.

All man-made drugs cause disorder to our body. Sluggish colon and liver, adverse effects on the pancreas and gallbladder. Non-prescription drugs and prescription drugs cause illness and disease. They also cause obesity. This is all stated in the actual drug companies very own literature, most of us simply don’t realize it or choose to ignore it.

Some pharmaceutical drugs are certainly capable of making your body shed a few pounds in a matter of days but this is mostly water and not the problem weight you need to lose anyway. So yes, carb blockers work, but they do not work over a long period of time. Taking these drugs for long periods will cause other complications so you would have to stop taking them and inevitably gain the wright back.

The truth is more and more propel are questioning the practices of the FDA and the pharmaceutical drug companies. There is now more interest in preventing and curing disease naturally as opposed to wait for it to happen and then take some pharmaceutical synthetic drug to treat the disease and deal with the side effects, this just doesn’t make much sense for many of us any more.

The last few years have brought us alternatives

People want weight loss products to help them lose weight, but not every body wants to risk their health simply to get healthier! The natural products have been coming out for a few years now and they all have their pro’s and con’s, some working better than others.

Ingredients are key

Always check the ingredients in the product. This is why we chose Meratol as the most effective and safest natural carb blocker available.

Meratol’s main ingredient is a natural “fat binder” which is derived from a cactus plant. Another of it’s key ingredients is capsicum which is derived from red peppers. Many weight loss products use capsicum and it’s also the main ingredient in the top fat burner product Capsiplex.

Meratol is 100% natural and has no side effects. It is intended as a weight loss supplement to help you lose weight.

Why is Meratol superior to other carb blockers?

It’s manufacturers have been able to successfully address the 4 main problems most people have when trying to lose weight, and those are; fighting food cravings, taking in too many high carbs, eating too much, and at the same time having a very slow metabolism. Meratol addresses all 4 problems and that’s why it works.

Now you know the answer to the question; do carb blockers work. But hopefully for your health’s sake, you’ll choose to let them work safe and naturally!

Check out the full story on Meratol here

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